Your mother and mine

watercolour drawing / painting of hairspray and hair brush by Diane Kitanoski

My mother would always do my hair when I was a little girl.  She would sit there for hours putting curlers in my hair preparing for dancing competitions.  And I always went to school with the smoothest of ponytails, never a bump in sight.  A few years ago I asked her to help me with my hair and I passed her the hair brush and she said, “Why are you using this old thing?”  I told my Mum “I use this brush because it reminds me of you and of when I was a little girl.”  I still use that same brush today.

My Mum’s  mother, my maternal grandmother, used to brush my hair before school using this same hair brush.  And to make my hair as smooth as possible she would ‘spit’ on the brush to smooth out the frizzy bits!  Yes, you read that right!  But I was on to her.  When it was time to brush my hair I would get a bowl of water that she could dip the brush in instead of spitting on it and I would turn off the cartoons so I could see her reflection in the TV, just in case she reverted back to her old tricks.

My Dad’s mother, my paternal grandmother, would always let me use her hairspray when I was a little girl, I just loved the way it smelled.  You guessed it, Cedel hairspray in the pink can.  Just like that old hair brush, you can find the pink can in my vanity.  And yes I still use it to this day.  Not because it’s necessarily my favourite one, but because it reminds me of one of my favourite ladies.

My most favourite one of them all is my Mum. 

And today is Mother’s Day for her and her Mum and my Dad’s Mum too. 

All three angels.

Whether your Mum is an angel on earth or an angel in heaven too,

Happy Mother’s Day to your mother and mine.


Artwork: Diane Kitanoski for
Title: “Your mother and mine” – Wendy from Peter Pan
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

2 thoughts on “Your mother and mine

  1. Love this blog! So you, so them, so true!!
    Lots of love to you and hugs.
    Thinking of you and your 3 Angels xxx

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