You will listen precisely to each word

You will listen precisely to each word


Here’s a tip I worked out today to make washing the dishes not feel like such a chore. Why am I washing the dishes you ask, instead of putting them in the dishwasher? Don’t have one. Renovating. Oh, and that means no hot water at he moment either. Old school, boiling water in a pot on the stove. Correct, no electric kettle either. Much of a muchness. Back to the point…..come back to the year 2016 and plug your headphones into your iphone/ipod, escape, and listen to a brand new album (or an old one you’ve never listened to before.) Your wet soapy hands don’t allow you to skip tracks too easily, and besides that, you’re too busy critiquing the album in your head to realise that you’re doing a menial task. You could end up choosing of a cracker of an album that inspires you to do something creative…….like write up a new blog story, that’s the flipside.

Thank you Moloko!


Words / Illustration: Diane Kitanoski for This is Roshambo
Title: “You will listen precisely to each word” from “The Flipside – Moloko”

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