The Little Shoemaker

The art of making beautiful, hand made leather shoes does not only exist in Milan (Italy).

Photo of opinći castsLet me introduce to you, the little shoemaker.

Photo of opinci with Milan the opinčar in the background

In Ohrid, Macedonia, you will find “Milan” the 89 year old “Opinčar” who still makes traditional Macedonian “Opinci.”

_DKI0303  _DKI0289

With over 70 years experience Milan still has the talent, patience and skill to make these handcrafted shoes.

Opinčar  Opinčar

Opinčar  Opinčar

With less of a demand from the general public, ‘Opinci’ are still used today by traditional folk dancing groups all over the world.

Opinčar  Opinčar

Opinčar  _DKI0311

Milan the Opinčar is an institution in Ohrid Macedonia, with many tourists buying his handmade leather Opinci as beautiful souvenirs.

Opinčar  _DKI0312

_DKI0295  _DKI0271


Head down to the “korzo” and buy yourself a piece of history before Milan retires!

Milan the Opinčar standing at the front of his shop in Ohrid Macedonia

Photography & words: Diane Kitanoski for
Title: “The little shoemaker” – Rosemary Clooney  
Opinčar: Milan S. Belevski / Опинчар: Милан С.Белевски
Assistant editor: Anica Kitanoska
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo


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