Pretty Paper

A seed was planted a year ago today. And over that time a small tree has begun to flourish, to which we’ve used its branches to make pretty paper, the traditional symbol used for a 1st anniversary gift.  “This is Roshambo’s” first story was born with dedication to my late mother, on what was her birthday.

With fragile beginnings, the pages of my blog slowly filled, growing stronger with each story. And today marks a new chapter.

Even though “Roshambo” lives through a digital age, the simple, everyday material, paper, reminds us of a clean slate. A fresh start for new hopes and ideas. It is also used to write letters of love….so I take this symbolic piece of paper and write to you…..

Thank you to all of my friends, family and Roshambo followers. With deepest gratitude I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support over this last year. Thank you and I hope you will continue to follow me and enjoy the journey of “This is Roshambo”. Especially from those dear to me that helped make “This is Roshambo” happen.

To my Mother

and my greatest supporter,

wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Thank you for loving me.

To love and be loved

is one of the greatest gifts of all……

This is Roshambo


Artwork & words: Diane Kitanoski for
Videography: Alexander Kitanoski
Title: “Pretty Paper” – Roy Orbison
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo


One thought on “Pretty Paper

  1. 12 months… wow!

    What a massive effort Diane; lots of passion, dedication and of course love.

    Your friends & family are, & your Mother would be, very proud.


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