They say time flies when you’re having fun, yet it rushes by us no matter what.  Time stands still for no-one.  When you miss someone and love them with all your heart the pain never fades, it’s just a longer time that you’ve missed them, even though it only feels like yesterday.  But it wasn’t yesterday…’s three years ago today.

Times goes on and so does love, that never stops.  You can’t buy time.  You can’t buy love.  But your heart can be rich, full of wonderful memories during the time you had together.

Not enough time if you ask me, but how much is enough?  Forever is enough I say.

Forever in our hearts.

Forever loving you.

Forever in our memories.

Love you Mum.  Thank you for the memories. Xx

All rights reserved © This is Roshambo
Words & Photography by: Diane Kitanoski for This is Roshambo
Title: “Memory” by Barbara Streisand

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