In the Arms of an Angel


Three images of three mothers, including Mother Mary & Jesus
August 28th is a special day for Macedonian Orthodox Christians. It is a special day in particular for my family also.  This great religious holiday is the Assumption of Mary (Uspenie na presveta Bogorodica). 
For my family it is the celebration of another great mother, my Mum’s birthday. It is Macedonian tradition to name your children after the religious day that they were born on.  But instead of Mary, my Mother was named Vera, which means “Faith” in Macedonian.  And that’s exactly what she left us with. Faith that she will always be in our hearts, faith that I will love and teach my child unconditional love as she did me. Faith that she will always be looking down on us from heaven above, just like Mother Mary.

Happy Birthday Mum.

May Mother Mary bring Peace,
happiness, good health, love & success to all homes.   

Нека донеси мир, добро здравје, лјубов, срекја и успек во сите домови. Напомош денот. 

Words & Artwork by: Diane Kitanoski for This is Roshambo
Images: (Left) Zoran Kitanoski /  (Right) Dusan Milošević

Title: “In the arms of an angel” – Sarah Mclachlan 
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

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