Call me

“Call me……”

      “Where you going?”

              “Where you been?”

                         “Are we still friends?”


Diane Kitanoski Photography of 1950's girl talking on phone


Chinese whispers is what it’s called, gossip guaranteed to be a completely different story by the time it gets to the end of the line.  Words dileberately altered? Or the unreliability of human recollection after being altered by alcohol when saying it?  They say you are “no-one” until you’re talked about, but maybe it’s the nobody’s doing all the talking.  It’s ok……don’t take it personally.  It’s always a good story in the end.

“It’s no secret, it’s just not your business.”  


Photo: Diane Kitanoski
Title: “Call Me” – N’Dambi
Model: from @ModelCitizens
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

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