Bringing Sexy Back

A25 Pizzeria is bringing sexy back………pizza style!


Owner, Remo Nicolini, isn’t new to the Melbourne food scene.  Having success already with  Non Solo Pasta , he likes to keep it in the family with brother Tony who also runs a pizzeria (or two) known as  D.O.C.

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The name and the menu were both inspired by the A25 Motorway which travels from Rome to the beautiful city of  Pescara.  The menu, ranging from the tempting truffle pizza, or, my favourite, The Pink Lady which comes with raspberries, these are flavours your tastebuds have never dreamed of.  Never judge a pizza by it’s topping……there’s a reason there’s a dusting of licorice on the L.S.D pizza.  These guys are crazy enough to try it, are you? You’re welcome! 

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There are still your traditional flavoured pizza pies, but these guys are your local Willy Wonka when it comes to mouth watering combinations. 

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With a staff of authentic Italian’s, the cheese on the sexy pizza melts without an oven.  All senses are aroused, look, taste and touch.  So there’s no point reading about the food, go down and try it yourself.  Everything tastes as good as the waiters look.

   11 30

The cheeky-ness continues in the “bagno” where you can write your phone number on the toilet wall (the good old fashioned way) and Italy’s ex- President Silvio Berlusconi will give you a call. (only for those that are young and cute!) 

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Since it’s successful opening night this Kasbah pizzeria has not stopped rocking!

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“Ciao ragazzi venite a visitare presto!”



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Title: “Bringing Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake
A25 Pizzeria – Pizza is sexy @ 720 Chapel St, South Yarra 3141
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