Back in time

A new year is upon us. We’re all a little older, and hopefully, all a little wiser.  The future may be exciting, but gee there’s nothing like the good old days.

photographic image by Diane Kitanoski of a Cassette Necklace

Remember the days….

The days of cassettes? You know you’re old if you remember trying to rewind a cassette by using a pencil. The crackle of the needle when playing an old record. Using the rotary dial on the telephone to ring someone at home. Yep you heard me, calling the landline. And remembering someone’s phone number off by heart. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail. (Licking the envelope, you can’t get more personal than that) Getting off your butt to change the tv channel (our asses were much smaller then).  Film cameras.  Shooting a role of film.  Not being able to wait til that hour was over when your photos had finished getting developed at the chemist.

We have all made New Years resolutions and hope for a bigger and brighter future. But we all have fond memories from the past that we’ll always cherish.

I hope your 2015 is full of shooting stars & adventure.

This is Roshambo.

(Back in time or back to the future?  Either way, I gotta get myself a delorean!)


Photo: Diane Kitanoski for www.thisisroshambo
Title: “Back in time” – Huey Lewis and the News
Model: from @ModelCitizens
Jewellery: Cassette necklace from Vinyl Cuts
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

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