Absolutely Fabulous

There once was a little girl who had a wild and creative imagination.  Every time you were around her you knew there was going to be some fun.  On her 7th birthday she was at school and all of her friends were wishing her a happy birthday.  “Yes”, she thought, “it’s my birthday.  I think I should have a party,” she thought to herself.  And before you know it, little Miss 7 was inviting everyone over for a party at her house that night.

Yay, a party, how exciting!

After school she marched home with a big smile on her face, walked through the front door and promptly told her mother,
“Mummy, my friends are coming over for a party.”
“What party?” she asked.
“My birthday party.  They’ll be here soon.”

Exciting indeed but there was one little catch……… her parents hadn’t organised a party for her, or planned for any food, decorations or cake for that matter.  But little Miss 7 didn’t think about any of this.  All she thought about was what any normal 7 year old would think about, and that’s a party!

So Mum frantically ran down to the supermarket to buy an ice-cream cake for the birthday girl along with a few other nibbles and party hats.  Little Miss 7 had such a fun time with her friends that night that she went to bed with the biggest smile on her face.  She was the most happiest 7 year old in the world.

The End.


Fast forward to today and little Miss 7 has blossomed into Mrs 40 and Fab!  So fab in fact that she once again planned her own party. (sssssh, don’t tell her Mum.)  And be sure not to give “her” little Miss any big ideas about making her own birthday party.  I don’t think Mrs 40 and Fab will find it as funny as she did when she was 7!

Here’s to you my gorgeous friend, you were not always 40 but you have always been ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

(and you still bloody are, more than ever!)

Words & Artwork by: Diane Kitanoski for This is Roshambo
Title: “Absolutely Fabulous” The Pet Shop Boys
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

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