Very Superstitious

Friday the 13th is very superstitious.


A long, long time ago my Mum went into labour with her first baby. Her doctor induced her labour as he didn’t want her baby to be born on Friday 13th.

So I was born on Thursday the 12th.

So what is the big deal with superstition? Am I a better person because I wasn’t cursed by being born on this day of supposed bad luck? My friend calls herself a freak; maybe her birth on Halloween really did play a part. And is someone born on Valentine’s Day more loving than the rest of us?

Some of us believe in superstitions and others don’t.   Don’t step on the crack cause you’ll break your Mum’s back. Seven years bad luck when you break a mirror or you open an umbrella indoors. Where did these even come from?

Do you believe it? Is it true? What superstitions do you have?

Wishing everyone the best of luck……..touch wood!

Artwork: Diane Kitanoski for www.thisisroshambo
Title: “Very Superstitious” – Stevie wonder
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