Broken Heart

A year ago today my heart broke forever.

You took a piece of me,
a piece of all of us,
with you.

Nothing time will ever heal
Instead, a lesson of how it will be from now on

They say to remember the good times
I’ll tell you what I do remember,
I remember how you used to say…..

“This is fuckin bullshit!”


You were our steel magnolia.
So strong.

But every beautiful flower eventually dies.

We will fight ’til the end, like you showed us how.
And as we do,
we will continue to miss you each and every day.

This is Roshambo

( Vera Kitanoski 1954-2014 )

This is for you

Photography: Diane Kitanoski for
Title: “Broken Heart” – Eddie Vedder
All rights reserved © This is Roshambo

2 thoughts on “Broken Heart

  1. Well said sis. I miss her more than ever and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. RIP mum we will meet again someday. Xo

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